About Dash

DigitalCash or DASH, formerly Darkcoin, is the first cryptocurrency where privacy is central. DASH is based on the Bitcoin blockchain but with significant improvements. It offers fast and anonymous processing of transactions thanks to the development of a more effective and lighter blockchain.

DASH aims for a user-friendly platform that makes it possible to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone and integrate it into everyday life.

With Instant Send it is possible to immediately receive and make payments. It is not necessary to wait for the block confirmation because everything is registered on the Dashcore wallet.

The Dash network therefore offers direct transaction confirmation, double expenditure protection and anonymity similar to that of physical cash. In order to guarantee this anonymity, Private Send makes use of the CoinJoin principle, which means that different payments are regrouped, making it difficult to trace their origin. In this case it is important that enough active users are connected to the network, otherwise the mixing of these transactions, and consequently the network, is slow.

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