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OmiseGO builds a decentralized exchange, liquidity-providing mechanism, clearinghouse message network and asset-backed blockchain gateway. OmiseGO is not the property of a single party. Instead, it is an open distributed network of validators that enforces the behavior of all participants. It uses the mechanism of a protocol token to create a proof-of-stake blockchain to enable market activity to be maintained among participants.This high-performance distributed network forces exchanges between asset classes, from fiat-backed issuers to fully decentralized blockchain tokens (ERC-20 style and native cryptocurrencies). Unlike almost all other decentralized exchange platforms, this ensures decentralized exchange of other blockchains and between multiple blockchains directly without a trusted gateway token. M.a.w. One can exchange real-time peer-to-peer digital value via OMG without the intervention of banks and governments. This can be from fiat money, cryptocurrencies, airmiles, etc … Their motto is as follows: “Unbank the Banked”.Markets may significantly reduce spreads and promote market insur- ance by decentralizing guardianship and increasing the transparency of market activity.OMG is designed for the Plasma architecture, the leading Ethereum Layer 2 scalability solution, co-developed by Vitalik Butterin.

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Visualisation OmiseGo against world fiat currencies.

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Start Date23 June 2017 (appr. 11 months)Hashing Algorithm/Hash Rate/Block Time/Homepagehttps://omg.omise.co/Blockchain / Supplyhttps://etherscan.io/token/OmiseGoDiscussion Forumhttps://bitcointalk.org/‎Availability / Total Supply102 Million / 140 Million

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